> I build things for the web

I am an independent creator who loves to help you build your next front-end. Besides writing code, I write about code, productivity, and remote work.

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> What I built ⚙

Over the past years, I’ve been fortunate to work on the front-ends of some great clients. From MVPs and landing pages, to a full-blown e-learning platform with over a million users.

Featured projects

Señor Wooly

Señor Wooly

While working at MOIJ, I was in charge of completely re-writing the front-end code from scratch. We completely rebuild the student and teacher environment for over a million users in ReactJS.

For this project, we incrementally implemented the React and Redux code to run alongside the other parts of the web application written in Go (with the HTML/template package).



In 2018, I thought it was a good idea to create a database of affiliate programs to connect creators and businesses. At the start of this year, I rebuilt the entire site and documented the whole journey, which you can find on my blog.

Just like the source code for this website, you can find the source code of this project via my Github.



Crypto and web3, who hasn't heard about the hype? We build a web3 directory where people can find and learn anything about web3.

This project uses Notion as a CMS, which released their public API. I also leveraged NextJS's static page generation to render the content from Notion. This way, we don't hit the API threshold, and as an (intended) bonus, it makes the site fast to navigate.

Rosa Spierhuis - Dutch

Rosa Spierhuis - Dutch

Not everyone needs a web application but does want a home on the internet. If you need a new place on the internet (with or without CMS), I love to help you out! Besides creating something awesome, we'll also focus on how the landing page can help you turn visitors into leads.

Look at this WordPress site I made while working for MOIJ for Rosa Spierhuis. Already have a design? Let's get to work!

> Where I write 🖊

Besides coding, I also love to provide value to people via writing.

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> What I love ❤

Besides writing code and blog posts, I am also passionate about creating music (I play many instruments, but the guitar is my weapon of choice). On the weekends, you'll find me playing games with friends or hacking on one of my many side projects.

During some of my working hours, I like to stream on Twitch. I have been working remotely for the best part of my professional life, and I always loved co-working with people who were streaming. So, at the end of last year, I decided to start my Twitch channel, where you can find me working on any of my projects (of course, with the approval of the stakeholders of those projects).

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