> From building to selling - EP.15

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From building to selling - EP.15

Welcome to day fifteen of the Crossroad build journey! Kind of a bonus day! 😬

This series follows my journey of indie hacking a product from building to selling. If you missed day fourteen, you could check it out here.

We’ve launched! Sort of! 😅

Have you really launched without submitting your product on Product Hunt? Well, I had so many things left on my to-do list that I decided to treat today as a soft launch for the people who followed this journey and do the big interwebs reveal tomorrow.

I still had to shoot the video for the website and prepare the entire launch (copy, images, etc.) for the Product Hunt launch. However, I woke up sneezing and coughing my brains out, so it took until noon until I was able to shoot the video.

I briefly thought about launching a little later in the day and updating the site throughout the day, but if you want to do something, don’t half-ass it. Besides, no one will send me hate mail for launching a day later.

And while I was a little annoyed with myself this morning, I am glad I took another day to put everything in order!

Shot a video! 🎥

Lights? Camera? Action! For the landing page, it was the idea from the start to show visitors how easy and fast it is to use the template.

For some reason, I thought it was a great idea to do it in a single take, and after 30 or so takes, I finally had a spontaneous and complete video! Not that there is anything wrong with editing a video, but I know that would have cost me yet another day.

After uploading it to YouTube and adding it to the website, I must say that I am thrilled with how it turned out. I believe having any video going over your product is better than not having any video. It’s just the way people consume content in this day and age.

Let me come back from that just a little. You have to ensure that the video and audio quality are decent/professional.

Scheduled the Product Hunt launch! 👋

With the video in place, all left was to create the pictures and write the copy for the PH launch. Having done it quite recently for useaffiliates.com, I already had a good idea about what I needed to do.

And after uploading all the content and media, I scheduled crossroadsui.com to be launched on Product Hunt tomorrow! Please, if you have some time tomorrow, head over to producthunt.com and give Crossroads an upvote, and if you want to be a real MVP, leave a comment. ♥

Thanks again for reading this build log. Have a great day, and I hope to see you on Product Hunt tomorrow!

With love,