> From building to selling - EP.05

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From building to selling - EP.05

Welcome to day five of the Crossroad build journey! This series follows my journey of indie hacking a product from building to selling. If you missed day four, you could check it out here. I also uploaded today's Twitch stream to YouTube if you want to watch the replay.

Coding all the blocks! 💻

Today was a productive day! I finished the header blocks, including one with an awesome video background. I am on track to implement the rest of the blocks tomorrow. This means that we are close to wrapping up the product development.

Before I do, I will have to refactor the codebase a bit. I wouldn’t say I like how I named the files, and even during development today, I found plenty of things that I have to touch up before launch.

For example, currently, there is a lot of duplicate CSS. That’s not the end of the world, especially since I want users to copy and paste individual blocks. However, if I can use the same class, it’s easier for me to maintain in the future if a bug occurs.

Getting interest from different corners. 🥳

While working on the product on my live stream, I often get the question if my product is already available to buy somewhere. That’s awesome! People want to buy my template!

Especially on Twitch, where my fellow developers are watching me code, people like the idea of using the template for their link in bio, or even as a simple personal landing page, without having to write any front-end.

This also makes me think about the phase after finishing the product; marketing. I have to build the landing page, but I also need to think about spreading the word about my template. I want to reach more developers, so I might use my template to do a couple of tutorials. For example, how to hook up my template to the WordPress or Ghost CMS APIs.

Even if people don’t want to purchase my template, it can still be valuable tutorials.

Again, so many ideas, I am all fired up! 🔥

Thinking about the documentation. 🤔

Part of customer success is ensuring that everyone, tech-savvy or not, can create and deploy their link in bio page. I am constantly making notes on what tutorials to write and even on what tutorials to screen record.

Prominently on the landing page, I will embed a loom video showing how you can build and deploy your very own link in bio page in two (or five 😅) minutes. This video has to show how easy to use the template is and also for the less tech-savvy people that deploying a website isn't difficult anymore.

I am also considering setting up a blog. I already mentioned a blog about hooking up the template to the WordPress or Ghost CMS APIs, but there are many more APIs I can write a tutorial on. Other than that, I can also write blogs on how to add analytics scripts to the HTML file.

Not only does this help with customer success, but it's also great content marketing. Writing and publishing documentation that can also rack up organic traffic.

Let’s finish the blocks. 💪

Hopefully, I will have finished coding all the blocks by the next update. Then we can start thinking about creating the landing page and the documentation. While I am highly tempted to release this project sooner rather than later, I want to spend some extra time researching how I can make a good landing page for this project.

However, first things first, after coding all the blocks, I have to package the product in a way that every user understands how to work with the files. Otherwise, I will be getting a ton of support requests.

Thanks again for reading this build log. Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow (or in my stream today)! 🚀

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